Today, for the Grand Finale of our first season, we have a guest we’re both super-excited about – Charlie Gilkey!

Charlie is the founder of Productive Flourishing, that’s been enabling Creative Giants realize their impact on the world for over a decade. He’s a speaker, author, Business Strategist and Podcaster. His work has a way of validating your actions, calming your deepest fears, and moving you to push and reach further that you thought possible.

Show Notes:

  • 1:23  The power of analytics and building a narrative


  • 6:40  Is there a magic number, a critical mass, where analytics start to be a strategy tool? The balance between one on one conversations and quantitative data. And the Prince Qualifier


  • 10:45  What are you missing using only qualitative data? What about using quantitative data only? In other words, why do you need both?


  • 14:11   A liberating insight about the combined power of passion and attrition on the internet.


  • 19:10  Why “a thousand true fans”?


  • 19:30   Let’s say you DO get to be yourself and do that thing you love. It comes packed with a new kind of fear.  What kind of courage do you need THEN?


  • 22:10  “You have to be Functionally Delusional to be a creative entrepreneur”  –  we talk about stoicism, facing rejection (especially if you’re female!) and placing your self-worth at the mercy of your last project outcome.


  • 30:00  The BS myth around success, the deceptive link between price tag and value, and  why these are a dangerous way to educate creative folks


Charlie’s links:

Productive Flourishing

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