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Meet Marina Darlow and Shanna Mann.

We are two systems geeks with a shared passion: Helping freelancers, indie entrepreneurs, and microbusiness owners get

better at business.

We talk about the nitty-grittty of getting a business to go from a headlong scramble to a well-oiled machine, everything from

discussing the problems (and solutions) of our clients, to talking shop with other experts.

Hey! I'm Shanna

I love the process of systematizing a business so that the necessary things happen as they need to, without undue effort and attention. I love to see my clients lose the sense that they are overextended, chronically behind, and perilously broke.

All this comes out of understanding the needs of your business and putting together a plan and a system for making sure that it gets them!

I tend to work with individual business owners, people who haven’t scaled beyond one or two VAs, and don’t plan to. At Change Catalyst, we call these “bonsai businesses” because they are intentionally small, yet robust (and beautiful.)

I offer 1:1 coaching, a long-term strategic relationship that tapers off as the constituent parts of your business are put in place, as well as 1-day seminars on hands-on topics for that personal touch.

If you’re exhausted by trying to figure out WHAT you should be doing and HOW, reach out to me and book a complimentary call to see how I can help.

Hi, I'm Marina -

– a systems’ expert, and a productivity geek. My official title is “System Consultant”, but before your eyes glaze over, here is how I see my job: helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs get 10-20 more productive hours a week, stop leaking money, and prevent stress-fueled breakdowns.

This is why I founded Vision Framework.
More often than not, I find myself working with neuro-atypical entrepreneurs (and companies!): my clients are either officially ADHD-gifted, or express the hallmark traits without a diagnosis: the creativity, the uber-high amounts of energy, as well as a certain disregard of rules.

I work with solopreneurs and small teams, designing and fine-tuning the vital structure that puts a business owner in control of their money, time, and information. I also love getting my hands dirty and actually implementing the custom systems I design – the piece most consultants shy away from.

I offer 1:1 consulting, online classes and products, as well as in-person seminars and training for teams. They say your chances of success skyrocket when you collaborate with someone with “a surplus of attention”. I am that someone.

We’re not the same person, we swear! Here’s a handy side-by-side comparison:


  • Works 1:1
  • Coaches mid-stage businesses working to scale
  • Focuses on tying strategy to processess
  • Works primarily with linear thinkers (even creatives) who appreciate what structure has to offer.
  • Works to refine systems with clients rather than create system for them; offers only guidance for the creation aspect.
  • Business Coach


  • Works with teams as well as individulas
  • Works with businesses at any stage, usually during a growth spurt.
  • Focuses on custom-system design for each particular business. 
  • Works with ADHD/Neurodiverse people, helping them find ways to make systems work for them.
  • Takes the lead in designing systems for clients; developes structures for clients to adapt.
  • Systems Consultatnt

Love us? Hate us?

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