Show Notes for episode 20, where we talk about using various productivity apps for specific and different purposes, for letting go of teh idea of “one big system to do everything”, and disagree about using Asana and Trello.

  • 1:36 Why using a dashboard to do EVERYTHING is a bad idea? Beyond the fact that they don’t exist

  • 5:49 What to do *in practice* instead of a catch-all system juggernaut?

  • 8:22 Functional differences between Trello, Asana, and Slack – which app works best for specific purposes

  • 13:18 Shanna and Marina disagree – should you use BOTH Asana and Trello?

  • 17:01 What does it mean “system like water” and why it’s important

  • 22:05 Most common mistakes when mixing up everything in one place (Asana mismanagement, anyone?)

  • 23:34 Why people don’t bother with a to-do list and how to prevent it

  • 28:58 What to expect when trying a new system, no matter what tools you choose