This week we interview Dr. Kirsten Milliken of PLAYDHD fame. She’s a phychologist, and ADHD Coach, and Author and a champion for PLAY.


3:51  Working better and playing better – alone or with another person?

6:26 Play beyond ball and sandbox – the playful mindset and why it’s so powerful

9:21 Does “play” always equal “fun”? What’s the difference, and how to use this to your advantage?

14:15 Geeking out on efficiency and what’s the federal government thinks about it (ahem…)

16:13 Pushback to the idea of Play – really?!

21:03 How the entire generation benefitting from “ADHD-oriented” systems and coping techniques

26:55 Would Play help you sustain MOTIVATION? Yes! For example…

34:10 There’s this lie we tell ourselves about being productive in a specific way. It never works. What does?


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Your ADHD Life 

PLAYDHD – the book (get it on Amazon)

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