With us this week is Michelle Nickolaisen of Bombchelle.com, freelancer, creative and woman-about-the-internet.


  • 0:30 Michelle’s favorite nerdy thing: D&D live play podcasts. The Adventure Zone, Friends at the Table, Godsfall for the diversity and the writing/creative skill involved.
  • 5:00 The comparisons between indie creatives and freelancers or microbusinesses
  • 7:15 How Buffer is a great example of an indie business that stole a market from its juggernaut competitor and went on to not only dominate but change the business landscape.
  • 9:15 By 2025, freelancers are going to be 50% of the workforce
  • 9:45 Marina tells the story of a short-lived mentor who could not grasp the personality of (Michelle’s) digital business.
  • 14:00 Michelle discusses how a counter-culture personality makes her own place in business
  • 20:00 The major turning point for Michelle, when she realized that she could get paid only to write, not as a part of a bundle of services.
  • 23:00 The ‘secret’ that everybody KNOWS but nobody DOES (except Michelle)
  • 27:00 How “just be yourself” turns into “how to be a quirky charicature of yourself” and not the authenticity we’re looking for.
  • 30:00 Michelle’s template and tools for filling your client funnel
  • 34:00 A handful of handy rules of business thumb
  • 38:30 Michelle’s system for gathering the data to manage her business direction (Streak, Evernote, Google Analytics, Mixmax)
  • 42:30 Why when you get into a given app, you should have a specific use case in mind for it. Ex: Evernote and its competitors Bear, Write!


Michelle’s Links: