With us in this episode is Joel Zaslofsky, author of Experience Curating, Head of Operations at the largest online enclave of multipotentialites The Puttytribe, and Shanna’s long-time mastermind partner.

In this show you’ll hear:

  • 1:30 The nerdiest thing that Joel is obsessed with
  • 4:30 Why Joel hand-transcribes his favorite parts of podcast episodes
  • 13:00 Comparing our personal systems with the Quantified Self movement
  • 17:00 A spirited discussion on categorizing as a means of control (does it control anxiety or create it?)
  • 24:15 Joel’s biggest “better at business” lesson
  • 27:15 Shanna + Joel’s example of finding collaborators and partners in crime
  • 30:00 What ‘doing it yourself’ PROBABLY looks like behind the scenes
  • 34:00 How introverts can find people to get with

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