Show notes:

  • 01:30  Where to begin?! Figuring out product or service to market fit

  • 05:30  When do you decide you have a business rather than having an idea? When people PAY you money. This is the first test to your product-market fit

  • 8:30 Apprenticing – work for a business in your field before inventing a business for yourself

  • 10:16 A shining example of “desperate buyers” – people who have a problem, willing to pay for a solution, but there’s none currently on the market

  • 14:12 Sexy business vs. unsexy business – how does that play into the struggle of product-market fit?

  • 16:16 Barriers to entry – another piece of the product-market fit puzzle

  • 21:02 Good and Bad examples of product-market fit