In this episode we’re talking about our (very different!) perspectives on dealing with crisis, whether external or self-imposed.

Show notes:

  • 1:37  Why is “War Footing” so seductive, to the point of being addictive?

  • 4:34  External crisis vs. internal crisis – the difference in coping strategies,  availability of support, and the  legitimacy of asking for help

  • 9:47 Shanna’s tactic to make the plan to “just tumble out of you”

  • 11:17 Internal crisis: what’s the biggest source of stress for service-based businesses?

  • Blog series of “Your survived the Big Crunch, now what?”

  • Gretchen Rubin’s “the Four Tendencies”

  • 14:33  Internal Crisis requires mindset work – Marina shares what it means

  • 20:40  When possible, outsource because constantly doing things you hate degrades your overall productivity

  • 24:13 Key strategies to COPE with internal crisis