In this episode we talk about our coaching experience: warning signs, finding the right match, and hilarious experiences in-between

Show notes:

  • 00:45 How Shanna chooses her coaching clients
  • 3:11 Stages of Business: Baby, Emerging, Established: the difference in confidence levels, navigation, and challenges. (There’s a wealth of detailed examples in the following minutes)
  • 12:45 What a coach SHOULDN’T be or “this is how you know your coach is BAD for you” (hint: eagerness to help is not enough)
  • 14:10 How Marina’s former coach manage to project an complete absence of hope? (Failure! Failure, failure, failure, failure… Failure! Could you please say “failure” a few more times?
  • 17:05 You know what? We all fall into the trap of “trigger” words. Shanna shares her own (hilariously disastrous) pep talk.
  • 18:57 Want to hear Shanna laugh for 15 seconds straight over a shining example of a bad fit? (I can explain!) In other words: there might be a difference between how we want to help and how we’re perceived in our help, and as coaches we should take it to heart.
  • 21:17 How to figure out one of the most important aspects of a coach-client fit: do you share a world view?
  • 23:49 So – what should you look for in a coach? – Conclusions 
  • 25:04 Warning signs – when to avoid that coach at all costs